Writing Workshops

Getting Your Words' Worth - Join a small group of writers to share your work and get feedback on how to make it even better. This ongoing, weekly, workshop lends itself to all genres.


Writing the “Me” in Memoir – Whether you wish to write your life stories for yourself, your children and grandchildren, or a wider audience, you must start by putting pen to paper and writing. This two-session workshop offers the tools to discover your stories and craft them for the audience you have in mind. (Additional follow-up sessions can be arranged)

Medical Writing  Across the Genres - Just as medical issues affect all our lives, so do ways of writing about health issues affect all genres. How does the writer who is not a medical professional best work medical research into personal narrative, fiction, journalism, and poetry?  You'll examine the strategies used by iconic creative "medical" writers and become familiar with opportuities in the relatively new field of creative medical writing.

Kid Lit –
Fourth to sixth graders are invited to recall their favorite children’s books – and write about them – the way a real author does. Laura will visit your classroom to jumpstart students’ imaginations with her own writing. She can also follow up with a return visit, to work on revision and even publish a class book.

Writing About Loss
– Has your school community suffered a great loss? Writing about it can help students and teachers deal with grief and share each other’s weaknesses and strengths. This workshop includes a look at the literature of loss and recovery appropriate to the age level of the group.

Custom Workshops -
Do you have an idea for a writing workshop? Laura will work with you to develop and present it.

Contact Laura for cost consultation. Most payments can be made through Paypal.